Your Personality and ADHD

What if your ADHD diagnosis is wrong and instead, your ‘symptoms’ are merely the result of a combination of personality traits.
I came across an advert for an ADHD conference with the following statements:

• They’re often there – just waiting to be identified. Very often they don’t even know it themselves!
• What do they look like? People with ADDH don’t really look any different, however they are often:
         o A mess – late for meetings, losing their keys
         o Unable to remember names
         o Very talkative, jumping from one subject to the next
• It might be that their mind is working on an amazing solution to take the company up to the next level.
• Working with them can be highly frustrating – that is, if you don’t understand them.

My response to this is… ‘Really?’ It could be that, instead of being ADHD, the person merely has a combination of the following facial features indicative of specific personality traits:

Wide set eyes: contributing to the issues of time management and inability to focus on detail
Exposed eyelids and a forehead that slopes backwards: indicative of wanting to hear the bottom line and not the details. And also of a lack of ability to remember names if the are not important to that bottom line.
Thick top lip: Indicative of a talkative person. This, together with exposed eyelids, indicates a person who will jump between subjects and interrupt people when they give too much detail.
If this person also possesses the construction and originality trait they will more than likely be prone to brilliant ideas – and be seed planters and inventors.

Does then being a person with certain cluster of facial features and personality traits make you ADHD? Does it mean you should have to take drugs to alter who you are and ‘cope in life?’ I say not.

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