Gerdileen Taylor

1.How accurately did the report describe you as a person?
76 – 100%

2.What was the most interesting?
The part that said: You have the gift for writing. Word usage is very important to you, looking up routes of words and writing may be a career you would enjoy. Sloppy use of language irritates you. (Would love to be a full time write!)

3.Which traits explained your personality the best?
The part about – Interest in Information: This indicates you are interested in finding out new information either through reading, discussion or attending workshops. You enjoy sharing information with other people, and may place emphasis on this in your career.
That is just so totally me!

4.The session was beneficial to me because (choose as many as you like):

I can communicate better to others
I can know understand other people better
I now understand myself better

5.To which areas can the face pattern recognition modality be applicable, e.g. Career counseling; relationship counseling etc.?
Career and relationship counseling

Hanna Kok

Thank you so much for this information.
I agree with it at least 90%. I will have to rethink some points. E.g. when you said that I appreciate aesthetics, I thought it wasn’t true, because I don’t need to surround myself with beautiful things. But then I realized that if my house is a mess, it upsets me. So I do appreciate beauty, even if it is simple.
Thanks again for your time and effort that has gone into this report
How did the recording work out?

Heidi Niemand

More Karina,
Dit was in die kol hoor.
Ek doen rock climbing, is adventurous, hou van dans, is baie arty en geniet dit om te lees en nuwe goed te leer. Praat baie en met my hande, het drama op skool gehad.
As ek met my baas praat moet dit vinnig wees sy het ‘n bree gesig en dun lippe.
ek het hoe verwagtinge van die mense wat ek mee uitgaan. Ek hou nie van konfrontasie nie.
Ja kan jy nou meer dat so baie waar is. Ek het nog altyd gevoel ek wil eerder in ‘n werk wees waar ek meer kreatief kan wees. So dalk die tyd om te begin uitkyk daarvoor. Love travel maar kan dalk ‘n opsie raak.
Dankie was baie interesant gewees.

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