Jayson Gates

Dear Karina,

Please find the attached questionnaire completed. There were no real inaccuracies in my session and you were about 99.9% correct. PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate all your efforts and help. You have succeeded in transforming a great deal of my life and enhancing my interpersonal relationships. You were also intensely kind and patient and put me at ease immediately. You were also very lucid in explaining the whole process to me and what it entailed.
Thank you, again!!!!!!
Kind regards

1.What was the most interesting?
The thickness of my hair indicating my sensitivity.

2.Which traits explained your personality the best?
I was fascinated with the sessions finding out my interest in history by measuring the front and back protrudence of my face and skull

3.To which areas can the face pattern recognition modality be applicable, e.g. Career counseling; relationship counseling etc.?
To basically all spheres of life- private and professional