Inri Möller

1.How accurately did the report describe you as a person?
76 – 100%

2.What was the most interesting?
The total head shape analyses was something I have not come across before- I would have liked to see the pointers for analyzing others, and more about myself.
The fact that you focus a lot on the challenges with examples and suggestions to overcome them-the feasibility of your analyses would have been much less believable if you did not have the ability to note those areas with such ease.
The precision and attention you give to the measurements is an immediate assurance of the academics behind your analyses.

3.To which areas can the face pattern recognition modality be applicable, e.g. Career counseling; relationship counseling etc.?
Coaching, Team Building, Children with special needs or problems with adapting at school etc. For children to assist parents in getting them through the teen years. As a project manager, I would slip you in on the first sessions to give advice on how to deal with individuals in getting the best performance as I am not skilled in reading people.